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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: AReady Player One made it onto my favorites list. It reminded me of my favorite book/anime, Sword Art Online. It's a great sci-fi story that reminds me what it is that I love when I started reading.Wade Watts is a great main character. He's the one who found the first key in a long time. Everyone who hunts for the final prize are called the gunters. The adventure totally cracks me up and never lost my interest the entire way. You see this decayed world that depends on the virtual reality called the OASIS. This futuristic world where every kid worships Halliday and knows everything about the 80's. That's what it takes to be able to win the prize, after all.The side characters were also really well-developed. They helped and provided a challenge to Wade. They weren't flat and they all have different personalities. The OASIS was really well-developed as well. It doesn't just happen, the book actually explains what it was, how it was developed and how it can be used. The explanation of the situation that the world was in never bored me. The OASIS was described really well and I could almost imagine all the possibilities with that virtual reality.Although I never knew anything about the 80's, I found it really refreshing to learn all about it. Wade literally knows everything about the 80's. He has studied it like it's the bible. I found it really interesting to learn about and would love to know more about the 80's.The only concern that I have is that the beginning is a bit slow. I pulled through since I was really interested for the story to progress. Some people that don't like long lengthy explanations might not like it and that might prevent them from getting the full experience.Ready Player One is an absolutely stunning read and it has given me the possibility of a whole new world. I never thought for a moment that this was boring and this is a fantastic book you won't be able to put down.