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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BCatching Jordan is a contemporary novel that I really enjoyed. I read Stealing Parker (the second book) before I read this one since they were completely different stories. This book was just awesome and had me excited (or sad) throughout the whole entire book.One of the things that I was getting into was football! (Yeah, never thought I'd ever say that, man). I seriously HATE football and groan every time football season comes because the coach expects you to pitch the ball across the field like a pro (which I'm not). Surprisingly, the element of football is very well-written in this book and got me so excited! Have no fear about hating this just because of the sport. I assure you that you will love how the sport is integrated into the story.And have I told you that the characters are hilarious? They are like real people.. Like the conversations were actual real-life teens. I hate it when authors try to sound younger since they're writing a YA novel. But I can definitely tell Kenneally isn't faking anything. It sounds good! The conversation actually works! I cannot tell you how many times I laughed when I was reading this (especially the dirty jokes, lol). There were a few things that I didn't like though. The love interest was sort of like Stealing Parker's. It's a friend turned boyfriend relationship. The hurting/problematic period was sooooo long and it got a bit discouraging. The guys on the football team also screwed around with girls everyday (that's not good for teen readers). And I wish the ending could've gone more into Jordan and Henry's relationship.Overall, I really liked the ending though I wish we had known what school she chose ('cause it seemed like a pretty big deal). There should be a sequel to Henry + Jordan's story because I felt like it worked really well between them. I'll always love Kenneally's contemporaries and Catching Jordan was a really well-written story of self-discovery. Jordan learnt how to make the best of her conditions and get what she wanted in life and I guess all of us teens need to learn how to do that.