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Legend - Marie Lu More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: B+Legend was an amazing book :) I literally have no words for it. You follow June and Day around. And for once, I'm not confused about the switching POVs. Ms. Lu does that well, because I'm usually sooo confused about who's point of view I'm in.I enjoyed reading about Day more than June and I don't know why ;P I like how he has to stand up himself on the streets and also avoid anyone knowing he's Day. He's the most wanted criminal in the Republic so he's gotta keep lying low.The best part about the whole book was the action we got. The romance was only a little part but I enjoyed what we got. But seriously, most of the time, you were leading from one place to another to be on a mission or something. I'm not complaining.. I'm such an action junkie lol.