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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole This book had be reading til 3 am!!! That's not the record but that's pretty close :OPoison Princess is a very promising book with the concept of the Arcanas. I've never really studied or known much about Tarot cards so this one was really interesting for me. Anyways, I feel Evie is this spoiled brat, but I think she gets better throughout the book. And Jack Deveaux, the love interest. Ugh.. I think he only wants Evie for sex at first ('cause the woman population went down dramatically), and he even admits it (that bastard)! He may seem like a dick with his mood swings and all that but I think he has his heart in a good place and really wants the best for Evie.I also like the Arcanas have super powers! I don't know why, but I love books with people who have super powers!! It's just so cool :)The only reason I'm giving this a four stars is because of Jack. He is just too rude of a character. And everyone is like, swooning (which I must admit I did) for him. I just don't get him as a character all right?