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Burn for Burn - Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian You can also read this review here.So.. umm.. I think this book is too revenge-ish for me. Like seriously, these girls are vicious. What can you say? They're not waiting for karma.. They're taking matters into their own hands.Burn for Burn is about three girls who want the same thing: revenge. They all had their own issues with certain people and they're about to get even. The first stunt they pulled was kind of small. It wasn't quite grand enough, I guess. The last two were big all right. I read with a guilty conscience of knowing what the girls are going to do. I'm more of a peaceful person.All in all, if you'd like to read about stunts played on people and watching people go down, this is perfect for you!! Step aside Karma, Lillia, Kat, and Mary are coming through.