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A Bride's Story 1 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫 You can also read this review at here.I finished this manga in 10 to 20 minutes. I love to read manga's but my library doesn't have a lot of them so I'm sad. Also, I usually read manga in Chinese Mandarin so.. I don't read them that much anymore.A Bride's Story is about a twenty-year-old girl who was married off to a twelve-year-old boy. It was set in the 19th century at the Silk Road, which is a trader's route from China to Europe. It shows you their daily lives and other family dramas.The only thing that bothered was that there was a marriage between a twelve-year-old and a twenty-year-old. I think the boy is too young to be married, but I guess that's just my own opinion. But I guess it makes sense since the proper age to marry is 15/16 back then.The style of drawing is very important to me in a manga. It needs to look pretty to me or else I won't read it. I guess I like those big eyed/girly Japanese manga drawing. I love those kind. I don't like the drawings of Naruto if that gives you a better idea of my taste.Overall, this manga has very pretty drawings/sketches and a great plot line. Now I want to stalk this author's work :3