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ReVamped - Ada Adams See more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsNineteen-year-old Dawn was a Born vampire. She had been training hard in the Scarlet House all her life. She was dying to get her first mission. Her wish got granted. She had though her first harmless mission would be a piece of cake, but she was dead wrong (no pun intended)."I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I thought gleefully. If only I had know how untrue those words would turn out to be."~Quote from ReVampedThe pace of the book wasn't too slow or fast. Ms. Adams's idea of vampires is very different from others. Its own unique flavors are what made the vampires and story intriguing. The part I personally liked the most was finding out about Sebastian and Aurora's past.ReVamped is a goodie for vamp lovers! Go get it now and be ReVamped!My Rating:4 Lattes