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Starkissed - Brynna Gabrielson More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words You can also read this review here*A review copy was provided by the author for reviewing purposes*Thanks to Brynna Gabrielson for the review copy! :)The Cover: So pretty!! Eh. I thought Sydney wasn't blond. Nonetheless, this looks very pretty!My Thoughts:Aww... This story was really sweet. From the beginning, we find out Sydney is a girl who is very different from her sisters. She doesn't have blond hair or blue eyes. And she hates it when people say she's a cousin of the Kane family. "I've been here for ages looking for you. I'm Alyssa's assistant, Topher. She just told me I was picking up her sister... she didn't give a description and really... because of her other sisters.. I just thought...""That I would look like her?""Well yeah, " he nods, as if my being born a brunette is the worst thing that's ever happened to him. All I can say is: get in line buddy.For Spring Break, she goes to New York to visit her sister, Alyssa. There she meets the super star "Zombie Boy" Grant West. Of course she is clueless he's a celebrity since she doesn't keep up much with news (like me). There, she got Starkissed."So let me get this straight. You hit him with your chair, smacked him with your forehead, and told him the movie he's most famous for is crap?""It sounds really bad when you lay it all out like that.""And he still kissed you?" Disbelief fills her face."Yes.""I don't get it.""Join the club."Really, it's comical. Guess Grant likes her so much, he came back for round two? *wiggles eyebrows* This one was a really fluffy, frilly story for me. I don't usually read these kind of books. But when I started reading, I fell in love with Sydney and Grant. I can understand Sydney, living in her sister's shadows and pining for a boy who can't be hers. Actually lots of books are like this it's so common. But I understand where she is coming from and why she might hate all the attention everyone is giving her. I mean, c'mon, most people in her town probably won't noticed if she got wiped off of the face of the Earth before she kissed Zombie Boy.I was laughing, crying, jumping up and down as Sydney's story progressed. Once I shouted out, "NOOOOO!!!" so loudly my mom was looking at me funny. I don't know, I guess I felt really into the story that I actually care how their ending will turn out.Looking for a book to take your mind off of things? This is it!